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Lucky Feet

“Rabbit and goat feet are lucky and have protective powers.”

In Mexico, rabbit and goat feet are common talisman to have, and my informant often saw them being sold in stores and hanging from taxis. Although she personally never really believed that owning one of these talismans would give protection or bring good luck, she knew many people around her that would buy them, even if they stated that they did not actually believe in supernatural powers. Growing up, she had always thought Mexicans to be very Catholic and religious, but she found it ironic that they so firmly seemed to believe in these superstitions.

I have heard of people buying rabbit’s feet because it brings good luck before my informant told me this, although I did not know that the belief was true for goat’s feet too. I do find it interesting that often people who are very religious will keep tokens like these for luck or protection that do not go along with their religious faith. Perhaps because having faith in a deity that is not directly tangible may be difficult, such material items such as a rabbit or goat foot or even lucky coins can bring comfort and reassurance of being under protection.