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Steele is one of my friends I train in the ROTC program. Very interesting character. He is a freshman at USC. In his spare time he reads The Prince by Machiavelli on the Realism; an International Relations school of thought. He dates 5 women at a time and loves clash of clans.

My friend Steele,  he really likes Red Bull energy drinks. Makes sense. We’re in college and we spend a haunting amount of time late at night working on overdue homework and projects. Not to mention he is an ROTC programmer which means very very early mornings. But I guess there was just one thing Steele didn’t know about Red Bull. Every year, the ROTC midshipmen have to do a nutrition and wellness brief. In this brief incldues a discussion about nicotine and alcohol, diet and caffiene, rest and exercise. When we touched up on caffeine our presenters talked about all the bad chemicals that swim in the cans of al the energy drinks – even the ones that say their harmless. They ended that slide by saying:

“Oh…and there’s bulls sperm in these bad boys”. Immediately faces started turning to each other. Steele afterwards laughed because he knew it wasn’t true. The rest of the class decided to pull a nasty prank and we showed him false articles that stated that Red Bull really had bull sperm in it. Steele says he spent the rest of the asking random people if they knew there was bull sperm in Red Bull. By the end of the day he realized it was just an urban legend.

Analysis: I couldn’t tell you why I think people would spread rumors like that. But logically, energy drink really do have some god awful chemicals and elements in their that an individual shouldn’t be drinking. Note: Steele stopped drinking the Red bull after he ‘thought’ he realized he was drinking an animals ‘seed’. One of the reasons rumors like this may be easy to spread is because perhaps bull sperm isn’t too far from drinking all the other nasty stuff in their. Someone wants us to stop drinking this.