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White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit

“White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit” is an expression used when people are sitting around a campfire. It is used to get the smoke out of one’s face and by repeating these words, the smoke will change direction. The concept is that the smoke is made up of hundreds of minuscule white rabbits. They only… Continue Reading »

Chinese Proverb of “To Kill Two Birds with One Stone”

Main Story:  “There is a common saying in Chinese (Mandarin) : 箭双雕”  Original Script : 箭双雕  Phonetic: Yi (Yee) Jian Shuang Diao Transliteration: Complete two tasks with one job  Full translation: to shoot two birds with one arrow This saying is also present in English, it is the same concept as “to kill two birds… Continue Reading »