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Korean New Year

Main Text:  Korean New Year  Background on Informant:  Currently a student, my informant grew up in a Korean household and has shared with me the many traditions she grew up practicing and experienced throughout her life.  Context:  She explains: “Korean New Year is based off the Korean calendar, and it is one of most important… Continue Reading »

Seaweed Soup on Birthdays -A Korean Tradition

Main Text: HK: “On somebody’s birthday it is tradition to have seaweed soup” Collector: “Can it be any kind of seaweed soup?” HK: “I don’t think it really matters, but there are a lot of traditional recipes for seaweed soup out there” Context:  HK moved to the Unites States from South Korea when she was… Continue Reading »

Placing Cutlery for the Dead- A Korean New Years Tradition

Main Text Collector: I know the your family does special acts for the Korean New Year. Would you mind telling me a few of these and what you think is the most important part for the celebration? HK: “The most important part is that every male family member has to have a different spoon and… Continue Reading »

Persimmons scare the tiger who wants to eat crying babies

Context I was having lunch with the subject, and he told me about this bed time story. He lived in Korea until he was 14 years old, one year from finishing middle school. He then moved to the United States to finish his middle school and high school. Piece Informant: It’s really for a kid… Continue Reading »