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Beware of Wheelchairs

“So there’s this superstition I have, and I don’t really know where I first picked up on it, but I still take it really seriously just because of how much sense it makes.  It’s basically a superstition that if you sit in a wheelchair when you aren’t physically in need of a wheelchair, you’re giving yourself bad luck and making a bad omen that you might, one day, actually need a wheelchair through some freak accident or something.  It’s basically just a general rule I follow, since I don’t need a wheelchair, I just won’t sit in one because there’s really no need and I just don’t want to risk it.”


This superstition is really interesting because it has almost no logical standing but yet still exists pretty prominently it seems.  It’s not a superstition I would follow because, despite what the informant thinks, it really doesn’t make any sense, as there’s no way that sitting in a wheelchair once could possible correlate to you being wheelchair-bound in the future, but that’s the thing about superstitions: they don’t have to make sense, they just have to have a root in the believer’s mind and then they exist.