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Brazil vs. Portugal

“So my mother’s Brazilian, and in Brazil there’s this stigma against people from Portugal.  It’s kind of like how people in America view blonde people as being dumber than average, or maybe it’s more like how people in America see people from New Jersey as lesser people.  So like, in Brazil, there’s just this stereotype… Continue Reading »

The Headless Mule

“My mother’s Brazilian, so when I was growing up she would tell me the Brazilian folklore story of the headless mule.  The story goes that a sinful woman was cursed so that she was transformed into this headless mule that could spit fire out of its stump.  So every Thursday night the mule would run… Continue Reading »

Beware of Wheelchairs

“So there’s this superstition I have, and I don’t really know where I first picked up on it, but I still take it really seriously just because of how much sense it makes.  It’s basically a superstition that if you sit in a wheelchair when you aren’t physically in need of a wheelchair, you’re giving… Continue Reading »