Taxi Girl Story

There’s a beautiful girl standing on a street corner.  It’s a dark night.  She calls a taxi.  The taxi driver says he will drive her wherever she needs to go.  He thinks that she is so beautiful so he will do his best.  He asks her where she needs to go and she says the house at the top of the hill.   Its really dark.  He tries to sneak glances at her  in the rear view mirror.  First time, he didn’t see her in rearview mirror.  Then at the red light he turns around and she is there.  He makes up an excuse that he was checking something in the back.  He tries again and doesn’t see her in the rearview mirror but does when he turns around.  It happens a third time.  He gets spooked thinking she might be a vampire or a ghost.  Finally, they get to the destination, and he turns around, and she has a bloody nose.  It is because she picked her nose to hard and gave herself a bloody nose.  Each time he didn’t see her in the mirror was because she was ducking to casually pick her nose in the back of the taxi.

The informant does not remember who exactly told it to him, but he thinks it might be a friend from church who had taught him other strange songs and stories.  As he was telling me the story, he said he wanted to go down to his apartment and tell his roommates.  The story isn’t something that he tells a lot, but he enjoys it enough to tell it to his friends when he remembers.

The story has certain plot elements typically associated with marchen and legends like the rule of three, but it adds the surprise humor element instead of the scary ghost story that the listener expects.  In this way, it keeps the attention of the listener without spoiling the ending.  I found the story a bit perplexing because it seemed  to have little pay off for the large amount of explanation in the beginning, but I think that the story finds a certain charming aspect in the telling of it.