Teeth falling out in dreams

Context: We were sitting in a car eating fast food when the conversation turned into a discussion of dreams. The informant mentions superstitions she has heard growing up.

“I’ve had dreams where my teeth fall out. Like my tooth was loose so I touched with my hand it just came off no blood nothing. I just wanted to start crying I was like noo how am I gonna eat or how am I gonna smile. Like all these things flash through my head. But its really bad, you’re supposed to tell someone like the next day literally when you wake up you need to tell anyone that’s closest to you because it is bad if you keep it to yourself”

Background: The informant had heard this growing up from her family and she believes it. Whenever she has had a dream where her teeth are falling she tells whoever she can. She also shared that her aunt had a dream that her teeth fell out and that’s when her mom got sick. Since it happened to someone else she takes it seriously. She grew up in a Mexican American household.

Analysis: I, myself have had quite a few dreams about my teeth falling out and whenever it happens I usually tell my mom. I often wake up in a panic because the dream makes me very uncomfortable. My mom gets a little worried that something bad is going to happen. However, I had not heard that it was important to tell someone else or that is when something bad could happen. I believe it comes from this idea that if you keep bad things to yourself it may happen. Among Latino households, there is that common theme that teeth falling out represents sickness or death. Death in dreams could also be represented by dirty toilet or tub water. Death is a common fear therefore there are many possible signs that can hint at when death or sickness is close.