The Athena Flick


Rocket league is an online competitive game – quickly described as “car soccer”

Main text: 

Content creator named Athena. “She plays rocket league a lot, and is like fine? But people give her shit for being bad at it. Mechanics in rocket league are named, and the community named a flick after Athena. When you rotate the car to tap the ball it’s called a flick, and when the ball is flicked, then bounces off the crossbar, it’s called an Athena Flick. You can read into the misogynistic connotations as much as you want as she is one of the few women in the Rocket League content creation space. Again, she’s not like, bad at the game? Sure she plays a lot and isn’t a pro-esport player, but she’ll trash the average player right”
Named mechanics in video games are often the ultimate status symbols. These mechanics are not named by the developers and are named by the community, so for a name to emerge, a substantial majority of the community must actively start using ang continue to use the name. Male streamers in the space are not “given nearly as much shit” as Athena in particular. In the broader streamer context it should be noted that viewers often “meme on” women in the streaming space by just throwing hate at them. Sometimes it can be funny and tasteful, but often, especially for women who have young communities (not age wise – in terms of how long the community has been around) will receive a ton of hate for no reason outside of the fact that they are women. Some fans try to turn this around by making it humours, but the misogyny is not to be ignored. In the case of the Athena flick, the informant seemed to sheepishly find it funny that this flick was named at all (as mechanically it is specifically a flick that fails), but seemed conflicted because of some of the connotations behind it and an awareness of how horrible viewers can be to streamers.