“The White Hat” A Rocket League item


Rocket league is an online competitive game – quickly described as “car soccer”


An item called “the white hat” is the rarest item in the game (at least one of the rarest). It is only given to people who find game breaking exploits in the game. The information has never seen one in the game – there are probably 18 in existence and agreed that the status of this item is “Kinda like a cryptid – enough people have said that it really exists for it to be true, and this is believable even though I haven’t seen one”. 


Items in this game are cosmetic and do not serve any mechanical purpose. However, this particular item strikes fear in the heart of any opponent who encounters it in competitive play. It takes a lot of creativity and time to find things in a polished, multiplayer game as there has to be substantial faith in the system for pro play to be supported. If the community thinks that the game is too buggy and broken or that it is unfairly balanced and full of exploits, the esport scene rarely develops. Hence, when these exploits are found, they are immediately removed or fixed. A player who can find these exploits is incredibly rare and the hat as a physical symbol in the game functions as a status symbol – recognized by the entire community.