the barking dog

anOriginal Script: “After dinner, I was laying on the sofa and watching TV with my husband as usual. Suddenly, our dog Meme became very manic; he was barking at us and running to the front door. Meme is three years old and has never been like that; he used to be very quiet. My friend even asked me if Meme was dumb because he never barks. So my husband and I both thought this was very strange.We walked to the front door and look through the peephole. However, it was dark outside and there is no one there but the flower pot was knocked over. My husband suggested if it was an earthquake, but we live on the 19th floor and we could definitely feel the shake if there was an earthquake. And it can’t be people who live here passed by because Meme would not bark at our neighbors. There are always some stories about the supernatural ability of animals. My husband and I were timid and did not walk out to see what happened.”

Thoughts about the piece: There are lots of stories of how animals can predict danger.  This is might because animals are always thought to be the friend of human beings.