The beehive


Liz was born in a traditional English household but grew up traveling around Southern England and the middle east because her father was in the Royal Air force. Her mother was a Nurse and her father a serving officer. She had two siblings a brother and a sister. Her family was not religious but consider themselves members of the Church of England.

Original script: “In the 60’s everyone had their hair in beehive that entailed going to the hairdresser and having it backcombed to death, it would stay up for a week sometimes! There was a report that a roach had got inside and laid eggs in the woman’s beehive.”

Background Information about the Piece by the informant: In the 1960 the beehive hairstyle was very popular among women. It is in this setting that the story takes place.

Thoughts about the piece: Like stories of spiders laying eggs in the body, this piece illustrates the fear of being invaded by creatures that live with, around and in us without our knowledge. It may also serve as an example of how vanity may be hiding something ugly underneath.