The Dark Night of Soul

“So like there is a night in the year where there are the most evil spirits. The Prince of Egypt – the last of the plagues when the God came to take the first-born sons, they wiped blood on the doorframe. Like what we do one night per year, we shut off all the lights and we light all these candles, and place the virgin Mary in front of the house to protect us from the evil spirits. This is to protect the family. Its just one night a year.”


When did you first hear this story?

“My mom has practiced it my whole life, lighting candles, placing of statue, praying on rosemary beads. My entire Latino family practices it.”



This tradition references a Biblical story, but is incorporated into the informant’s Latino family traditions. I agree that this story is a form of a protection spell from the Black Angel that is said to take the eldest son.