The Day After Thanksgiving

  1. What’s A Holiday Tradition You Celebrate?

It’s kind of basic but every year after Thanksgiving my Mom and I decorate the house for Christmas. We turn on KOST 103.5 with all their Christmas songs. We start with a small fake tree that used to be in the kids room when we all shared a room. There are little mini ornaments that my grandmother gave us. They’re nativity scenes and they fit nicely on the small tree. My family is Christian, so the nativity is fairly meaningful to us. We even have this book that we put out every year detailing the Birth of Christ as told through the life of trees. My grandpa really loves trees… he loves to draw trees, so this book is super meaningful.

  1. How Long Have You Done This?

For sure since when we moved to where my parents currently live so that was like 2000. I know my parents have had some of the significant decorations for much longer. Also every year my grandparents give us coordinating ornaments every year so it’s cool to see them all on the tree each coming year.

  1. What Significance Does This Have?

Well like I said we’re Christian so the book and the nativity scenes are meaningful. But also it’s a good time to spend with my mom and bond. I don’t get to see her very often anymore since college so it’s a good time.

My Thoughts:

Family is an important value especially, in the Christian community. It’s a good experience to bond with them. Christmas is a time that I celebrate with my family and it’s always fun to celebrate doing something where you’re working towards a common goal.