The Family of Ghosts

Text: “When I was fourteen, I was at a sleepover with some of my friends. In the middle of the night, I woke up to strange noises coming from the bathroom. When I walked into the bathroom, the light switch wasn’t working. I started getting freaked out because the power was not out. So anyways, I left the light switch on, used the restroom, and when I was looking in the mirror, the lights turned on, and my nose was bleeding. I was in tears and when I tried to wake up my friends, they kind of brushed it off and told me to just use a tissue to plug my nose. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t. There were still noises coming from the bathroom, almost as if someone was in there, but nobody was. When I tried to use a different bathroom later on, I ran into my friend’s older brother’s room, and he claimed that he had a very similar experience with the light switch, just no bloody nose. And he went on to explain how his father used to tell him and his sister a story of the family who previously lived in the house. It was something about how the dad went psycho and killed his wife and kids in this very house. He then said that his dad would freak them out by saying that the ghosts of the mother and children still live in the house, haunting it, decades later. The father would flicker the light switch in the kids’ bathroom while they were in there to scare them, hence why the light switch is messed up. Not sure if that’s true or not, but it was definitely the last time I had a sleepover at that house.” – Informant

Context: The informant was about 14 years old, sleeping at a friend’s house when she experienced this situation. She heard the story of the dead family from her friend’s older brother, who had heard from his dad, who he wasn’t sure made it up or not.

Analysis: This story contains elements of folklore, particularly in its use of legends and ghost stories. The legend about the previous family who lived in the house and the father who went insane and killed his family is a classic example of a ghost story passed down through generations. It serves as a warning to those who dare to stay in the house and suggests that the spirits of the deceased family still haunt the place, decades later.

The strange noises, malfunctioning light switch, and nosebleed experienced by the informant add to the eerie atmosphere of the story and heighten the sense of supernatural presence. The fact that the informant’s friend’s older brother also experienced a similar incident with the light switch lends credibility to the story and reinforces the idea that something unexplainable is happening in the house. This story showcases how folklore and legends can be used to explain unexplainable occurrences and to warn people of potential dangers.