The Ghost in the TV

  1. My father used to not believe in ghosts, until one day he was absolutely convinced that what he saw could now have been his imagination.

“One day I was just sitting in the living on the couch, watching TV. First of all, let me tell you that I’ve always known that this specific house would have strange noises and weird things happening with the electricity and power- like things will randomly turn on and off, doors would slam shut even though it wasn’t windy… But I’ve always just assumed it was due to the fact that this house was just really old. Like, there’s always an explanation behind this kind of stuff, right? Well anyways, so I was sitting on the couch watching TV, when all of a sudden, the TV just shuts off. What I see immediately on the black screen is my own reflection, of course, but then I also see the reflection of what looks like a woman from the Victorian era, with a huge wig and long gown, seated right next to me. I was so shocked; I was just frozen. I couldn’t move. I looked to my side, but no one was there! I then looked back to the screen and, just like that, she was gone. To this day I cannot comprehend what I just saw, and I don’t think it can be anything other than a ghost of some sort. After this incident, I would definitely say that I believe in ghosts.”

  1. I had asked my dad if he had any ghost stories, or supernatural stories, that he wanted to share with me. He does not normally share or talk about any of these kinds of things, so I thought it would be interesting if he did have something to share with me. Even though at the time he seems confident in what he saw was a ghost, he is still a little skeptical. I remember asking him again recently if he remembered this story and he kind of brushed it off. It was almost like he didn’t want to talk about it. He thinks that it might just have been the fact that he was exhausted and saw something that wasn’t there, or maybe he was so tired that he only assumed the TV was off, but maybe it was still on.
  2. I do not think he would have been willing to share this story with just anyone. This seemed to be a very personal event for him, and he does not like to share these kind of things with others. Especially since he is still skeptical about the whole ordeal himself.
  3. I believe that he had saw something that probably should not have been there. I especially believe this since my dad is not the type of person to make things like this up, and is a very skeptic person in general. The fact that this story has stuck with him years afterward also shows me that this must have been pretty significant to him.