The Ghost of Alta Dena

There is a specific street in Alta Dena that is completely flat and rarely driven on. The street is out of the way from almost any house, so people infrequently drive along it. In the past, a terrible accident occurred in the middle of the road, and a man was killed. Since it took so long for the ambulance to get to the man and because the body was so mangled, the ghost of the man is known to haunt the street. It is said that if you drive to the middle of the street and put your car into park, then switch it to neutral, your car will begin to slowly move forward. The car starts to drive itself because the ghost of the man who was killed pushes the car. It only works if you are facing the street to the north because that is the direction the man was travelling at the time of the accident. It is said that he is still trying to get to his destination that is why he pushes the car.
In reality, the street is most likely not perfectly flat. Probably, the street has a slight decline to it that makes the car roll forward. However, the street does appear flat, and people continue to spread the story of the ghost who pushes the car forward.