The Haunted Gym


The informant is my younger brother. He was born in Pasadena, California and was raised in Silver Lake, California. He is currently a sophomore at Providence high school in Burbank where he receives an academic scholarship. He enjoys participating in sports and hanging out with his friends in his spare time.


I spend a lot of time in the gym at school. Mainly because I’m on the basketball team, but also cuz that’s where everyone hangs out after school and during lunch. When I came in my freshmen year, the older guys on varsity would tell us younger guys that the gym was haunted. My first thought was that they were full of shit and were just trying to fuck with us. But then they weren’t the only ones who said it was haunted. People say that it’s haunted cuz some kid supposedly died in one of the locker rooms. Some people say it’s haunted cuz our school is next to a hospital. And other people say it’s haunted cuz it’s built over an old graveyard. But that isn’t even the crazy part. I have heard countless stories of people’s creepy ass experiences and have also had my own. There are two stories that creep me out. The first one, my basketball coach told me just this past year. And he’s new, he wasn’t here my freshmen year so he didn’t know about it at all. He said one night after we had a game he stayed at the gym in his office watching film from our game. While he was watching he heard a basketball bouncing outside of his office. He said he got up went to go see who it was and no one was there. He said he didn’t find anyone or any ball that could have been bouncing so he grabbed his stuff and left right away. The other story is with our janitors. We have four of them. Three guys and one lady. The lady refuses to go into the gym because of an experience she had in there while cleaning one night. I’ve seen how she reacts too… she will not step foot in there. I don’t think you could pay her to go in there. But anyways… one night she was cleaning the bleachers by herself after a game. Across from the bleachers is the entrance to the main locker room. The door has a window and blinds on the top half. While she was cleaning she said that she looked up and saw a dark figure staring right at her through the blinds. It scared the shit out of her and she booked it. Ever since then she won’t go in there at all. And my experience happened last December. It was after practice and I was the last one in the locker room. I was by myself changing and all of a sudden a shower turned on by itself. I freaked the fuck out grabbed my stuff and ran! Ever since then I don’t like being in there alone. People can say whatever they want, but I’m pretty convinced that the damn place is haunted.


I’m a fan of ghost stories and this one gave me chills just hearing all the different experiences. In my opinion, all the personal accounts seem pretty valid. I wonder if there are more unheard stories from faculty? I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept it hush to avoid stirring up controversy and concern amongst students and parents. I just find it odd because that gym is really nice and up to date it doesn’t give off a creepy or uncomforting vibe. I’ve been in there several times, but never actually alone.