The Haunted Hallways of Kentucky

“One summer my aunt went on a trip with some family friends to their home in Kentucky and the house was around 6500 square ft. On the second floor there are two bedrooms facing each other and each bedroom has two doors leading to the hallways in front of them. Two unwalled hallways/bridges parallel to each other connected the doors at either ends of the bedrooms leading across and they were above the living room. My aunt was in my friend Taylor’s bedroom looking for some of her clothes she had left in there. She then went back to her room across one of the hallways. When she opened the door she heard the other door to the bedroom at the other end open. She heard creaking and footsteps walking down the other hallway. She turned and yelled for her husband, but there was no reply. She then walked down the hallway she had come from and looked to the other hallway across from her. There was a man standing in the hallway with his back to her. She said that she had never felt a more malevolent angry spirit. She never saw his face, but she has seen spirits before and can usually adjust quickly and try to ask what is wrong; however, this time she felt the darkness so much and couldn’t move or talk. She could hear him breathing and his fingers twitching at his side. She really did not know what to do and couldn’t move. Eventually she started yelling, “leave, leave, leave.” She goes into her room and locked both her doors. She then heard his footsteps running down the other hallway into Taylor’s room and the door slamming. Luckily, Taylor wasn’t in the room. She felt that presence for the rest of the trip, but she could not bring herself to say anything to them because she was so afraid of scaring them.”