The Helicopter Story

Main piece:

There were really vicious pranks between USC and UCLA for most of the schools’ history. Like, we set their lawn on fire. They kidnapped Traveller. We ran fake Daily Bruins, they ran fake Daily Trojans. We swapped out their card stunt directions. We stole the Victory Bell. All kinds of stuff.

So, the greatest UCLA response of all time was allegedly – some guy hired a helicopter. He gets a ton of horse shit together, puts it in a cargo net, flies it over campus, then drops it on Tommy Trojan.

I’ve never been able to find proof that this happened, but ask any alum and they’ll tell you about it. Especially the older dudes – it’s an infamous prank.


Drew is a sixth generation Trojan, and is a Trojan Knight. He is intimately familiar with USC’s history and culture.


USC and UCLA are two Los Angeles-based universities with a long history of athletic/academic rivalry punctuated by inter-campus japes.


This story combines many LA-area stereotypes. Wasteful spending, helicopter use, and the UCLA/’SC rivalry are all characteristic elements of the myth. The regularity of football season and the continuity of the rivalry have given this myth particular longevity.