The Laughing Game

Informant Description: This is a game my friend made up with her little brother to keep themselves entertained.

Interviewee: The game is just like make each other laugh. We take turns though, so like I’ll have to try my best to keep a straight face and he’ll try to make me laugh. If he makes me laugh, then it’s my turn to try to make him laugh.

Me: How did you guys come up with this game?

Interviewee: Honestly it was on one of our insanely fucking long road trips that got so boring. We didn’t even have like an iPod or TV in the car then, so we just had each other. It was the worst.

Me: Have you played this game with other people?

Interviewee: Yeah all the time, it’s hilarious.

Conclusion: I’ve actually since played this game with her and can in fact confirm it is hilarious. I have taught it to other people too, especially when we’re really bored and I’m tired of seeing everyone on their phone.