The Lucky Pencil

  1. My friend claims that he owns a “lucky pencil”.

He says, “I can only take exams and quizzes with this specific, Ticonderoga, yellow, #2 pencil. I know it LOOKS like your average pencil, but it’s actually lucky, I swear. Whenever I take a test without this pencil, I do really badly. Like I’ll get like either a C or below. But with this pencil, I always get an A on the exam. I don’t know why that is, but it has always been this way. I remember I just found this pencil on the ground too, so maybe it was someone else’s lucky pencil before?”

  1. He found this pencil randomly one day while he was in class. (This was back in high school). It was right by his desk, and he actually forgot his school supplies at home that day so he thought that was unusually convenient. That is when he started to believe that it must be some sort of good luck charm, and continually kept track of how he would do with and without the pencil.
  2. I believe that anyone can claim something of theirs is lucky, and be convinced by this. I don’t think you can really share an object you find lucky yourself, since others may not be convinced of the same thing that you are.
  3. I personally do not believe the pencil was actually lucky, and I think that it may just be the placebo effect. My friend is so convinced by this pencil’s powers, that he coincidentally ends up doing better on exams with it, and much worse when he isn’t using it.