The Secret Cow Level in Diablo



“There was a rumor where if in Diablo, if you clicked on a certain cow in Tristram a specific amount of times, you can go to a secret cow level that was just full of cows.”




I collected this from my older brother, who has been an avid gamer with me since as long as I can remember. When we went abroad to Vancouver, Canada, to study English, we started playing on Diablo on the desktop computer at the house of his homestay. This was in 2006, when Diablo II was already out. By the time we played the game, the game developers have already debunked the rumors and created a secret cow level in Diablo II as a tribute to this rumor. However, despite knowing that the rumor was not true, we would consistently try to click on the lone cow of Tristram different amount of times, hoping that the rumors were actually true and we could witness that awesome moment.

Blizzard Games, the company that created Diablo, continues to create more Cow Levels in new games in the franchise.





This collected data emphasizes the propagative nature of folklore. Some rumor that was traveled by word of mouth grew to become a tradition to keep up for the franchise. The rumor on its own is a gaming legend and the ritual to the cow level happens in a very real place within the game.