The Secret Location

  1. My friend claims that there is a very specific location that he believes is among the few that know of it that actually helps with his thinking and concentration when he is there.

“There’s a place on the beach, you gotta walk along the shore a few miles away from the tourist-y parts, where I always go when I have a serious decision that I need to make in my life. I went there for the first time a few years ago, after hearing about this place from a friend, to help me think through a personal decision I had to make. As soon as I sat down in this specific spot, my mind felt like it cleared right up. The decision that I was struggling to make for months instantly became so simple. That’s how my friend described the place like too, and ever since then I’ve always come to this location when I’m dealing with similar issues.”

  1. My friend, the informant, actually learned about this location from a friend of his. Since every time they’ve visited this spot, they were able to concentrate far easier, they’ve always believed in its powers.
  2. A location that is significant to you is almost similar to having a lucky charm. It is significant to you because you believe in its worth and its power. If you do not believe in its value, then it simply will not work for you like how it works for others that do believe.
  3. My friend did not share this specific location with me, so unfortunately I was not able to test out its true powers for myself. I do believe that going to this location helped both of them make very significant life decisions, but I do attribute it to the placebo effect. If you believe in something enough, then it is true to you.