The Sister’s Appreciation Night

The informant is Korean American student studying International Relations at USC. She is born and raised in California. She was born a Christian. 

Informant: “KCM is a USC student church ministry. We hold services every Thursday, and there are morning prayers almost every day. It’s an open service so anyone can come. I have participated in KCM since my first year at USC, and it instantly became the central part of my college life. Even when the service ends, people at KCM hang out often.”

“In the half way through the semester, KCM holds a night called ‘sister’s appreciation night.’ It’s a day when guy members of KCM prepare videos and performances for girl members of KCM, appreciating them for being sisters in Christ. It’s a tradition that is keep changing in KCM. Until few years ago, there were both ‘sister’s appreciation night’ and ‘brother’s appreciation night.’ However, we don’t do brother’s appreciation anymore. I think we got rid of them because, guys will still come even though we don’t appreciate them? I am not being Sexist, haha. I actually don’t know the exact reason why. It was decided by the officers of KCM.”

“The Sister’s Appreciation Night goes on for about two hours. Both sisters and brothers dress up nicely. Then, sisters sit on chairs while brothers go prepare what they have planned. It’s nice for girls because we don’t have to prepare anything. It’s the guys who have to prepare videos, performances, etc. I guess the Sister’s Appreciation Night really makes me feel appreciated. It’s just a fun experience and I felt more connected to the guys.”

The Sister’s Appreciation Night is once a year occurrence at USC. By calling each other ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters,’ they strengthen the sense of being a family under Christ. It is a tradition that is changing. Before, there were also ‘The Brother’s Appreciation Night’ but the Ministry got rid of it. There must be contextual reasons why, but unfortunately the informant does not know. We can know that KCM is right now undergoing changes, willingly trying different alternations to its traditions.