The Tooth Fairy

When the informant was a little kid in elementary school, he explained how he saw the tooth fairy. He woke up in a daze and said it was a purple ball of light that floated in and through his closed window, hovering in his room and moving around. It turned greenish and then went back out the window pane near his dream catcher. The informant knew it was the tooth fairy because he had lost his tooth and had put it under his pillow. Upon hearing this story, he was very enthusiastic about his experience and actually seemed to believe that he truly did see the tooth fairy. He received money for it but assumes that was from his parents. I am definitely skeptical and very certain he was probably just imagining things. Though, this reminds me of when Santa would come and drop presents off for me every Christmas. There was a time I thought I saw Santa deliver presents. It’s also interesting to see how I perceived the tooth fairy so differently: it was an entity that I never saw but knew existed (for the time being until I found the truth) and that delivered money. So, I think I understand the appeal of trying to believe in these mystical things that might not be entirely true but are true to a kid. The informant also seemed reminiscent of this story and is convinced it truly did happen to him even though I asked him about the probability of that having actually happened. He said, “it doesn’t matter if it did or didn’t, or if you think it didn’t, because in the eyes of my child self, it definitely did.” Seeing the tooth fairy made him feel scared, excited, and connected to this “secret of the universe.”