The Vanderlip Mansion-Narcissa

The other part to the Vanderlip Mansion, the story of a wife names Narcissi, follows a similar, gory narrative as the other legend about Mr. Vanderlip and his daughter. Located in Palos Verdes, California, a coastal city in Los Angeles county, the Vanderlip Mansion is the first home built in the early years of Palos Verdes. To the day it is said to be haunted by Narcissa, a wife who supposedly killed and chopped up her family along with her dogs and then buried them in the walls of the mansion. Shortly after the murders, Narcissa hung herself in the residence and died. The Mansion is said to be haunted by glowing ghost dogs along with the wife.


Info of Informant: My father, the informant, told me of the Vanderlip Mansion when I was a young kid and then refreshed my memory about it when I collected this folklore legend. He grew up in palos verdes and has lived their his entire life so he is well-knowledged about the legend. He lived fairly close to the mansion and told about how his friends used to talk about it when he was younger.