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Ganglion Cyst Remedy

My mother has a remedy that was passed on down to her from her mother when she was a child. When I was about 8 years old, and found that there was a ganglion cyst on my wrist, my mother then informed me about the “solution” for this cyst. She stated that the best way… Continue Reading »

Not Stepping on the Chalk-Baseball

Information on the Informant: The informant, Awari Muoneke,  is one of my best friends who is currently a college baseball player (he plays outfield) at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts. He has played baseball his entire life and has always been one of the best players on the field when he played. He grew… Continue Reading »

The Game

Informant Bio: The informant of this particular piece of Folklore is one of my best friends from home Jack Dunn. He is currently a freshman at USC as well and is majoring in business. He grew up in pasadena, california and played lacrosse in high school. In addition to lacrosse Jack also played lots of… Continue Reading »

Fraternity Folk Speech-Biz

Info on the Informant: The informant, Jack McGeagh, is one of my best friends and is a fellow classmate who is in the same fraternity as I am. Both he and I pledged in the Fall of 2015 and were exposed to many new traditions and rituals. Jack is from the Pacific Palisades on the… Continue Reading »

The Vanderlip Mansion-Narcissa

The other part to the Vanderlip Mansion, the story of a wife names Narcissi, follows a similar, gory narrative as the other legend about Mr. Vanderlip and his daughter. Located in Palos Verdes, California, a coastal city in Los Angeles county, the Vanderlip Mansion is the first home built in the early years of Palos… Continue Reading »