The Void


Informant: “Okay so…growing up I had a lot of kinda bizarre experiences, particularly if I was in my room and the flooring was carpeted, often times I could have something in my hand, let’s say it’s a piece of an action figure or something like that. I might drop it and it falls on the ground. Now when it falls, I have a general idea about where it should’ve landed but when I look down at the floor, for whatever reason, it’s just gone. And I could spend years looking all throughout my room, check every square inch of that carpet and it’s just vanished into thin air. And this has happened on a few occasions actually. It was particularly at my grandparents’ house actually. It hasn’t really happened since.

Interviewer: “Where do your grandparents live?”

Informant: “Oh they’re uh in a house in Memphis, Tennessee.”

Interviewer: “I see and is there any history with that house?”

Informant: “Um not too much history besides that that’s where I was kinda raised for the most part. I moved in to my grandparents’ house when I was about 3, sometime before I can even remember I’d been living there since. Um…besides that I can’t think of any special history besides the fact that my grandparents have been living there for several years before I moved in.”


The informant experiences a phenomenon that he calls “The Void”. He would sometimes drop things and despite knowing where it should’ve landed, it would disappear and he wouldn’t be able to find it. This only ever really happened when he was at his grandparents’ house and never seemed to happen after he left. I think it’s an interesting phenomenon and it’d be cool to find out what’s really happening to the things he drops. Maybe a pet could’ve taken it or something like that. But we don’t know.