When you hear thunder during a storm, it is the angels bowling in heaven

I had heard this myth since I was a child, so I was glad when my informant brought this up.  He told me that when he was young, he (obviously) didn’t understand that lightning splits the air and causes a loud displacement that reverberates for miles.  Instead, his parents, like mine, just told him that thunder was the sound of God’s angels bowling in heaven.  This always made both of us smile as kids because the image of an angel bowling is quite humorous, and easily swats away the image of a scary thunderstorm outside.  This is something that my informant and I absolutely agreed that would be a great thing to tell our own children when we get older.  To go along with this, my parents also told me that lightning was the angels having a disco party in heaven.  When I told my informant this, he laughed and said he was going to steal that to use on his own children one day.