Put a small dime-sized amount of toothpaste on blemishes and acne at night and it will either disappear or greatly diminish in size by morning.

Pauline was born and raised in Taiwan. She moved all around the world as a child, living in countries such as Germany and France.  After her college years, she moved to  San Francisco where her sister moved to after she  got married.  There she went to graduate school at  the University of San Francisco and got her master’s degree in business.

Pauline says that when she was in college, her sister taught her to put toothpaste on her blemishes whenever she got them.  She said that it would always work, and that by morning, after washing the toothpaste away, the blemish would be either nearly or completely gone.  She says it has something to do with the toothpaste forming an airless cover over the blemish and forcing it to suffocate and dry out.  She says that this trick has never failed her and that whenever she does it, it reminds her of her college days and spending time with her sister.

I have personally used this trick and have always had very successful results.  I was taught this trick by my mother and use it every time I get a blemish.  Through association, whenever I get a blemish, I think of my mother and remember this trick.