Treehouse in the Woods Legend

One of the older members of her neighborhood back home in Yorktown Heights used to tell the neighborhood kids about a treehouse that she and her brother built together years ago when they were just children. The elderly neighbor claimed that the treehouse was in the woods just outside of the town limits.

All the children wanted to find the treehouse, and spent months searching as deep into the woods as they could without getting lost or hurt. As far as she knows, no one has found the treehouse yet, but to this day kids still go looking for it as older children pass the legend down to their younger siblings. Some of the parents even join in, some out of curiosity and others to make sure the youngest kids don’t get hurt when they join in the search. While the legend hasn’t been proven false, the treehouse has yet to be found. Unfortunately, the elderly neighbor who supposedly built the treehouse has since passed away, so it’s up to the neighborhood children to keep the legend going.