Two daughter angels

“I would consider myself a pretty religious Catholic woman. I like to follow the word of the Bible verbatim, and with that came being a nonbeliever in ghosts. However, over my children’s Christmas break in December 2007, all of my beliefs, or rather my non-beliefs, were tested and everything I thought I knew changed overnight. It was Christmas Eve, and I was sitting in my mother’s home in Switzerland with my family. My two boys, Paul and John, were joined by my youngest child, Charlotte, on the couch as they watched Christmas movies and anticipated the upcoming morning. After their movie, I tucked my babies in to bed and then I quietly arranged their presents under our Christmas tree. Shortly after, I joined my husband in bed and began reading a book before going to sleep.”

“It was a long day of cooking, family time, and preparing for Christmas Day; all of this made me pretty drowsy. While reading my book, I felt a strange sensation that there was someone watching me. Falling in and out of sleep, I did not think much of this sensation. I clearly remember opening my eyes and seeing two beautiful women in long, white dresses, floating above the canopy of my bed. They were both brunette with blue eyes, just like my daughter Charlotte. I was unsure if I was simply dreaming or if I had gone mad, but before I could truly put much thought in to it, I was fast asleep.”

“The next morning, I woke up to the sounds of my kids screaming with joy at Santa’s gifts and I met them downstairs to revel in their excitement. After all the kids opened their presents, we sat down for Christmas breakfast. My brother, who was also spending the holiday at my mother’s house, announced to the table that he saw the strangest thing while using the restroom in the middle of the previous night. He said, ‘It was the strangest thing, I opened my bedroom door to use the bathroom and I looked down the hallway. In the distance, I saw these two young brunette women in long white gowns. Both of them were wearing beautiful gold jewelry and had bright blue eyes that I could see from across the hallway.’”

“I instantly started to freak out because my brother’s description of these women was exactly the image I saw floating over my bed as well. He went on to tell me exactly what the dresses looked like, and I recalled that the women I saw had the same detailed white gowns. Although I thought I was just having a strange dream, the coincidence was too poignant for me to wrap my head around. Ever since that Christmas Day, my beliefs regarding the presence of ghosts and spirits in this world has changed. Maybe there are otherworldly presences in this world…”


My interpretation of the story:


In hearing this story, the part I found most interesting was the resemblance of the tellers daughter and the ghosts she seems to have seen. I has been medically proven that in our dreams, we are only able to dream of people we have seen before, or a compilation of different features from different faces we have collected over time. Our mind in our dreams don’t just make things up, they have purpose and derive from our subconscious. In this story, the relation in physical appearance between the two ghosts and the tellers daughter must be noted and taken into consideration. For the teller, as opposed to her brother who had also seen these women, she had been unsure if she was asleep or awake. Our mind has a way of playing tricks on us when we are in between states of being awake and asleep. This must also be accounted for because both sightings happened in the middle of the night, which is a time where the mind is not fully alert. Indeed, this may be a coincidence too strange to just all it a mind game, but at the same time, there are no intense markers that are present to determine the details of the story are of ghostly origins.