UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting:

G.H.: This was about, uh, 1974, or ’75. Back in the day, there weren’t many houses around here. I used to live in Hawaii, then I came back, and I was visiting my Mom and Dad, on Bloomwood over there. I had a dirt bike, and I took it, rode with J. He had a dirt bike. We rode them over by the quarry, you know, the quarry by Portuguese Bend. One day, we ride bikes, and we’re up by the Army radar tower up there, at the top by the road Crestwood, in RPV. So I stopped riding, and he did the same thing. So he said, what’s that? I was looking at the ground, because I thought it was a rattlesnake. So we’re looking at, our view is from Newport Beach to Malibu, and up in the sky are two white dots. I was guessing they were probably jets flying around. And they’re over Long Beach. And they’re going really slow, moving towards the north, and kind of like where Lomita and Harbor Freeway, downtown Los Angeles, and there, one of them stops, and the other one keeps going slowly, and when the one moving gets over LAX, the one that’s stationary goes “Shoom!” And in the blink of an eye, picks up the same position, and they go off. Really fast, like nothing I knew was possible.

ME: Very quickly, then.

G.H.: Yeah, just like this, so they’re over Long Beach, Downtown is in the distance, and this one’s almost from Malibu to LAX, and “Shoom.” To this day, I have looked out the windows to see if I could see something like this again. Never seen a damn thing.


G.H. describes a UFO sighting he has never forgotten, since believing the appearances in 1974 or 1975, while dirt biking with a relative.