Ultimate Japanse Breakfast

This is the Japanese breakfast that the informant eats before exams or any kinds of sports competitions which the informant participates.


1 bowl of white rice

Dried See weeds

1 pack of Fermented Soy beans

1 chunk of Salted cod roes

1 egg

1/4 grilled salmon


All ingredients are put on the white rice, and it’s ready to eat. According to the informant, this is the quickest and best way to consume all nutritions together. This high carbo and protein are consumed especially when the informant expects to be busy. She does not eat this meal often everyday because the amount of food is too much to eat for breakfast.

She created this meal from leftover of last night’s dinner. Usually she eats these ingredients separately, but one morning,   she did not have anything to eat for breakfast and did not have time to cook eggs, therefore she just mixed all from leftover. Although the amount of food is a lot, the meal kept energizing her all day, and decided to eat on special occasions because she is constantly on diet.