Urban Legend- New Jersey

Urban Legend. Dangerous Men
So You Meet This Guy In A Bar…

There are a lot of urban legends that deal with the ways in which men lure women to their death. Alex Romano told me a story like that that is probably the creepiest I’ve ever heard.
In it, a girl goes to a bar one night looking to meet men, and she ends up making out with a random guy on the dance floor. After a period of dancing and kissing, he asks her if she’d like to come back to his place. Even though she wanted to make out with someone and possibly go home with them, she isn’t really feeling this guy and turns him down. A few days later, she isn’t feeling well and has developed a type of rash on her mouth, so she goes to the doctor to get herself checked out. The doctor asks her if she’s been with anyone in the last few days, and she tells him of the guy she made out with at the bar. He takes a sample from her mouth with a cotton swab and sends her home, telling her he’ll call her if he finds anything. A day or two later, she gets that call, and the doctor says, “We need to find that guy you met at the bar. The bacterium in your mouth is a kind that is only found on dead bodies.”
When I first heard this, I was like, “So wait, the guy was dead?” But then Alex explained to met that it meant the guy she met at the bar had been kissing dead bodies, and probably having sex with them, and that he probably intended to kill this girl by taking her home, only later to get busy with her body.
Alex told me that “at least two people” have told her that same story, saying that it happened to “some friend in France or whatever.”
I’ve noticed a lot of urban legends concern a dangerous man luring the innocent female to her death. Oftentimes though, the big twist comes with the reveal that the man would have done something to the girl, had he gotten her to come with him, but her female intuition told her not to. These urban legends seem to serve as warnings for women, advising against going anywhere with men you don’t know, and that if you do, you might end up in the arms of some necrophiliac, never to be seen again.
I think the large amount of urban legends dealing with this issue directly correlates to the high number of female rape victims in the United States. “One in six American women are victims of sexual assault…” With such a high number, most people know a girl who’s been sexually assaulted or raped, and therefore it’s pretty easy to believe one of these stories. And if you do, maybe it can serve as a warning. Urban legends are different than plain-old legends because they can serve as responses, and warnings, to modern issues.