Voices in the Fields


Have you encountered anything supernatural?

“In the house that I was living in in Sacramento, I had a room that was facing the field and I hear talking.

Gong gong (maternal grandfather) said that there were boys and girls in the field making out, but I could hear people talking in the fields.

I lived there for a year or so. I tried to get away from there as soon as possible”



With a mischievous grin, my mother told me this story from her youth.  She stated that she moved to the United States when she was in high school to Sacramento.  This story comes from when she lived in the attic of her house.  Her family on a farm, where there would be vast stretches of field. From these fields she stated she would hear conversations. She proceeded to finish the story with the thought that maybe people were buried in her parent’s field.  She stated that she believes that spirits exist, and that she felt like she was sensitive to the paranormal.



While this strikes me as a scary story, I can’t help but think that there is a scientific reason behind it.  As much as I enjoy the occult and want to believe the hypothesis of the graveyard beneath the corn, chances are, the phenomenon has something to do with the properties of sound.  Sound travels large distances when faced with no interference.  Due to farmland being large expanses of land with few people to create noise, it means that sound can travel farther distances which means that the conversations could be from the next farm over.  While it is an equally interesting theory that the fields could be the resting place of wandering spirits, there were no other reports of haunted farms that had hauntings taking place in the fields.  Most others were events where the house or surrounding buildings were haunted.  Oddly, it seems ghosts don’t like attaching themselves to fields.