Watch the Sunset

Carol is a Floridian who left the state to study film production at Boston University. She has since started a family in LA and is as much an LA native as a Floridian at heart. She has no remnants of her floridian accent, and knows the entire secret menu at In N Out.

Performance: “Basically if you were bummed or feeling sad, just go to the beach and watch the sunset. “Watch the sunset” was a phrase that was used on a daily basis. It remedied everything from boredom to anxiety to heartbreak.”

Response: This quick folk remedy seems to have far reaching curative powers. Like many Floridian folk remedies, it is centered around the beach, where the sun would set over the water. Unlike other remedies this remedy seems to cure ailments of the mind or heart – nonphysical ailments. It is interesting that watching the sunset is the cure for matters of the “soul” rather than the body, as the old saying goes, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.”