Wave Call

The Wave Call is a beach ritual that many of Connor and his friends would perform when they were surfing at the beach. The purpose of the Wave Call would be to summon a series of big waves. The Wave Call involved everyone in the group who was surfing, dive under water into a handstand position and kick their legs back and forth above the water. Before they came up to the surface, they would grab sand from the ocean floor. As they took their breath on the surface, they would throw the sand they picked up toward the incoming waves. The closer they were to performing the Wave Call simultaneously, the more likely a series of big waves would come. In addition, the more synchronized their wave call was, the bigger the waves would be in the set. If a series of big waves did not come after the Wave Call, they would blame someone for not performing the Wave Call correctly and try it again. Eventually, the Wave Call would always have a success because sets always come and go. Worst case scenario, if no big waves would come, it was a way to waste time as they waiting for bigger waves.