“Wear It !” Baseball Slang


The informant is my younger brother. He was born in Pasadena, California and was raised in Silver Lake, California. He is currently a sophomore at Providence high school in Burbank where he receives an academic scholarship. He enjoys participating in sports and hanging out with his friends in his spare time. 


When I started playing baseball I picked up a whole new language that relates to the game. Especially since I started playing high school ball. It has its own slang. There are a bunch of sayings. You know…shit like, “roll it up”, “turn two”, “good eye”, “going yard”, “squeeze” and the list goes on.  Anyways, the weakest thing you can do in a game is move out of the way from a pitch that is going to hit you. I mean unless that shit is coming at your head then you’d be stupid not to move. But if you get hit by a pitch while up at bat it’s a free base meaning we have a chance at scoring. If you move out the way its selfish cuz you’re more worried about a silly ass bruise than scoring to win. Guys gotta be willing to make that sacrifice for the team. So Ultimately, if you move out the way… you’re a selfish pussy whos afraid to get hit(laughs). For the guys that do take the hit, we yell “wear it” meaning like wear that shit be proud and don’t be a wuss. Wear the hit with pride cuz you just took a hit to put us in the position to score. As for those that don’t take the hit we still yell “wear it!” as a command if a pitch comes at them again. I first heard it my freshmen year from my coach at practice. We were having batting practice and I moved out of the way from a pitch that was coming at me. He yelled at me saying, “This ain’t little league no more! You better turn your shoulder and wear it! If you move out of the way in a game I’ll have a nice spot for you on the bench.” I remember thinking “what the fuck? I don’t want to get hit” But one of my friends who was older explained to me why as I just told you and said that’s just how it is in high school and college ball.

Analysis :

This metaphor is quite hilarious in my opinion. It is amazing how even something like a sport can have its own language and culture. I’ll say this though, I believe that it is a language that can be best understood by those who partake in the sport. “Wear it” can be a form of cheering on your teammates and encouraging them after taking a hit and also can be a command for those who are scared to take a hit. If you don’t take the hit it may come with some unkind remarks from teammates and coaches alike.