Whiskey and health

My informant was my 90 year old great aunt. She is a wonderful woman that has been a staple in the family forever, providing food, kindness, and wisdom to everyone in the family. I decided to talk to her about my great grandfather because she was very close to him and knew him as well as any body.

Collector: “Was there anything that Harry (my great grandfather) did on a regular basis in particular throughout his life?”

Informant: “Oh yes, he was a beautiful man. Always in such high spirits and had such great health. Well, something that he would do every single day was enjoy a glass of whiskey after dinner and before sleep. He would always just sit in his chair watch the television and drink his whiskey. We were all wondering how he was living so long drinking whiskey like that, but since he did live so long we figured that the whiskey must have been good for him.”

Collector: “He lived until he was 103 years old right?”

Informant: “Yes, he was the longest living person I have every known. And the whiskey couldn’t have hurt. In fact, drinking whiskey every night has been a type of tradition for the boys in the family and they have lived long lives.”

This was a great piece of information to know. That every day my he would drink a glass of whiskey and he lived until he was 103 years old. He must have been doing something right. I decided to do a bit of research on what health benefits Whiskey has for a person. It turns out that Whiskey is probably the healthiest alcohol that you can drink. It helps with weight loss, dementia, heart health, blood clots, cancer prevention, immune steno boost, and even diabetes control. Although it can only help in these areas to a certain extent, drinking it in rational amounts could potentially make one live a little longer.