White Witch of Rose Hall

In December 2012, the informant and his family traveled to Jamaica for Christmas Break. On their way to Rose Hall their taxi driver, a Native of Montego Bay in Jamaica, told them the story of “The White Witch of Rose Hall.”

The Story

In Jamaica, there is a “White Witch of Rose Hall.” She was a white (Colonial British) plantation owner’s daughter. She lived on a huge plantation in Jamaica and she would torture the slaves and be unkind towards them. She was not a good woman and her poor treatment led to her demise. She was eventually murdered by the slaves for her cruelty towards them. Basically, she was brutally murdered in this mansion, “Rose Hall.” Her spirit haunts the house – mostly at night. She makes the furniture move and people have claimed to see her spirit roaming the house.



The informant says that when they went to visit he and his family trespassed. They snuck onto the property of Rose Hall after hours and the informant said that it lived up to the hype, the mansion looked pretty eerie and spooky. He said that when they arrived, there were black cats roaming around (one even hissed at his brother) and there were doors creaking. Eventually, when the security guard came out to tell them to leave he said that the “White Witch” had thrown a table inside the house just moments before.

The informant mentioned that he thinks that the Security Guard telling his family about the table was to lure them back to see what chaos ensues at the haunted mansion during operating business hours. I agree with this informant. The security guard trying to entice them with “spooky information” coupled with the story about the White Witch t highlights the main reason why Rose Hall in Jamaica is so popular for tourists, they want to see if the house is haunted and if it is, they want to see the White Witch in action.