Wine has evolved as part of life, culture and diet since time immemorial. As an enduring cultural symbol of fine life in France and Switzerland especially, the role of wine has evolved over time, changing from an important source of nutrition to a cultural complement to food and conviviality compatible with a healthy lifestyle. Having a personal vineyard shows wealth and class. Knowing and liking aged and expensive wines shows such. What is especially impressive and well-received in European society is the ability to distinguish different wines from another and being able to tell where it is from. The practice of drinking wine is lenient with age as some drink as early as 12. I find this custom very classy and typical of European culture as the climate of Europe, especially Italy, France, and Switzerland are known for producing great grapes. In these countries, having a personal vineyard is also symbolic of great wealth and power. Wine is also used to bring people together as it is not uncommon for people to taste wine together and celebrate with a bottle