Xin Hai Tunnel

The informant is my friend that loves ghost stories.

Informant: So, the Xin-Hai tunnel is one of the oldest tunnels in Taipei city. It connects one of the nearby rural areas to the Taipei City for faster transportation. It was notorious for accidents due to its poor lighting and steep curves. So one night a taxi driver picked up a young woman on the city side of the Xin-Hai tunnel around midnight on a rainy night. She told the driver to take her through the tunnel and that her home is just five minutes away from the other side of the tunnel. The taxi driver turned on his meter and proceeded through the tunnel. The young woman sat in the backseat quietly. She did not respond when the taxi driver tried to strike up a conversation. She was also motionless the entire trip. The driver pulled up to an old house, and the young woman apologized to the driver that she forgot her purse at work. She asked him to wait outside and she will go get money from her house. The taxi driver saw her go into the house. He waited and waited until twenty minutes had gone by. He grew impatient and went knocking on the door. An old man answered the door with a one hundred New Taiwanese Dollar (NTD) in his hand. The taxi driver was very mad and told the old man how he had wasted 20 minutes waiting outside. The old man stood there and let the driver finished his rant. The old man said, “I am sorry. That was my daughter. She died three years ago in a car accident on the other side of the tunnel. Since the day of the accident, she comes home every night.”

This story was freaking scary for me. Whenever I go visit my grandparents, this tunnel is the fastest way to getting to my grandparent’s house. After hearing this story, I might just have to take another route home, otherwise taking the taxi to my grandparent’s house will always haunt me knowing this story.