3 for a Dollar


A man walks in a hardware store and asks “How much are those?” the clerk says “three for a dollar.” The man takes one hundred, pays a dollar and walks out. What did he buy?


The Informant was a nineteen year old female friend that I had dinner with. I told her about the catch riddle we learned in class (what do virgins eat?) and she began telling me all of these riddles that she knew.

Collector: Wait, he bought one hundred of them for a dollar when only three are for a dollar? That makes no sense.

Informant: That’s why it’s a riddle, duh, but it does have an answer – in case you were wondering.

Collector: Did the man steal 97 items?

Informant: Nope. He paid for everything just fine and walked out.

(After several minutes of guessing and failing, she gave a pivotal hint)

Informant: You find these on the front of a house, and every house has this.

Answer via Informant: It’s the address on the house, the address is one hundred. Get it? One hundred has three numbers, three for a dollar? He bought a one and two zeros – for a dollar. Get it? He literally bought “100”. Three digits.

Collector: Did your high school friend tell you this one too?

Informant: Yup.

This riddle wasn’t quite as exclusionary as other riddles that require the person to understand certain references. This one was pretty straight forward with objects that everyone is familiar with .