Anna Marie Ghosts

My informant a twenty-two year old undergraduate attended Anna Marie College in Paxton, Massachusetts for her entire freshman and fall of her sophomore years before transferring to a school in California. She revealed that a number of spirits and ghosts are believed haunt the college.

“There are possibly multiple ghosts not accounted for within Madonna Hall (the Freshman dorm) since there have been a couple of deaths by suicide over the course of the school’s history. During one night of the fall semester of my sophomore year there were numerous sightings reported by the students including from my friend who was the RA on duty in the building that night.”

For Miriam Music Hall which is near Madonna Hall:

“There’s a ghost over at Miriam Music Hall (whom I believe is named Betty) that likes to open and close the doors and windows in the practice rooms. She also likes to play with the Grand Piano in the Main Performance Hall even when it’s locked. People have also noticed that the two lowest notes on some pianos were played in different rooms.”

My informant also mentioned there is a possibility that there are ghosts located within the underground tunnels, originally built in order to travel around during snowstorms, connecting various buildings.

“In the process of building a tunnel between Madonna and Miriam, it ended up collapsing and killing many of the workers.”

This could also be another source of the spirits found within the two buildings mentioned above. Massachusetts is notorious for the supernatural, hence Salem witch trials. This ghost story serves as entertainment aiding into the appeal of the state. It may attract not just tourist but students. Additionally it is form keeping the supernatural history alive. My informant revealed that she learned of the ghost story from peers after moving on campus. Unfortunately due to the Catholic faith not believing in the existence of ghosts and refusal from the school’s administration, these sightings at Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts have not been completely confirmed even with interest being expressed by paranormal groups and by the public.