Any bucket that leaks inside the house, will leak outside as well

“Any bucket that leaks inside the house, will leak outside as well.”


A friend of mine told me about this awhile back when I was looking for a roommate. I had made a few suggestions to him about potential roommates and he provided this proverb he heard from his parents. I was telling him some of the pros/cons with some of the people that might move in with me. To him, this proverb implies that any sort of irresponsibility a person carries out in their own home will also be done elsewhere. 

This proverb rings true to me as well. My parents never stopped nagging me about leaving old socks or underwear laying on the floor of my room. I would eventually place them in the hamper but not immediately because I would be lazy. Luckily I got rid of this dirty habit early before college. But there are still things I do that I never learned to fix. When the toilet paper roll runs out, I get a new roll but I still leave the old roll (the cardboard) in the toilet paper holder. Things like that drive my roommate up the wall and now I’ve learned to promptly throw it away. Whenever I decide to move in with someone now, I always keep that little proverb in mind.