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Old School Object Labeling: Tony Kornheiser

Main Performance: Image Labeling Memes have become a tremendous format across multiple social media sites. You see the things everywhere with laughably bad photoshops, other people’s faces crudely cut and pasted over other familiar formats, the works. Its relative simplicity has proliferated its usage like wildfire on twitter and other platforms for mass sharing but… Continue Reading »

Acquire Proficiency: The attitude of “Git Gud”

Main Performance: In 2009 a videogame called Demon’s Souls was released on the Playstation 3 and its relatively unforgiving difficulty made it a surprise hit with the gaming community worldwide. A sequel was promptly made in 2011, Dark Souls, and it launched the “Souls” series’ popularity skyrocketing, with the game’s difficulty being put front and… Continue Reading »

Memes of the Previous Generation: Spurdo

Main Performance: AK: Remember Pedo-bear from the 2000s? YJ: Yeah what about it? AK: You don’t really see much of him these days right? YJ: Yeah not even the Chris Hansen memes survived AK: Have you seen the Finnish version of it? YJ: The what? AK: Finland mutated Pedo-Bear into something completely random, but it’s… Continue Reading »

Winning or Losing, English or Japanese, just shout “Let’s Go, Justin!”

Main Performance: NC: I think it was in 2004 that happened, you know Moment 37 YJ: The Daigo parry? NC: Yeah and you hear someone in the audience go, “Let’s go Justin!” YJ: What about it? NC: I was studying tech on the videos on twitter last week and saw someone shout it during another… Continue Reading »