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Acquire Proficiency: The attitude of “Git Gud”

Main Performance: In 2009 a videogame called Demon’s Souls was released on the Playstation 3 and its relatively unforgiving difficulty made it a surprise hit with the gaming community worldwide. A sequel was promptly made in 2011, Dark Souls, and it launched the “Souls” series’ popularity skyrocketing, with the game’s difficulty being put front and… Continue Reading »

Winning or Losing, English or Japanese, just shout “Let’s Go, Justin!”

Main Performance: NC: I think it was in 2004 that happened, you know Moment 37 YJ: The Daigo parry? NC: Yeah and you hear someone in the audience go, “Let’s go Justin!” YJ: What about it? NC: I was studying tech on the videos on twitter last week and saw someone shout it during another… Continue Reading »

“I’m just sayin’… *HACK*”

BACKGROUND: Among the Interactive Media and Games Division at the University of Southern California, a strange joke occurs in which if one person utters the words (on purpose or to trigger this joke) “I’m just sayin’,” the rest of the IMGD students will all do a hacking, coughing, or vomiting impression. INTERVIEW: My source J… Continue Reading »