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“When You cheers you have to make eye contact or you’ll have bad sex for seven years.” My informant does not remember where she heard this superstition, but he does however practice this whenever he gives someone a “cheers” with a drink. She told me this superstition at a very casual party/dinner setting. This piece… Continue Reading »

Two by Two

“My Grandmother always used to say, the things you do two by two will come back to you one by one” This proverb was told to me by a friend of a relative of mine at a party. My informant learned this saying from her grandmother. My informant does not know the meaning of this… Continue Reading »

UCLA Steps

There’s a big set of steps on campus, these stairs they’re called Jan’s steps and the myth or the legend is that you can’t step on the fourth step from the bottom and that every time you step on that step you’ll be in college for one more year. My informant learned this piece of… Continue Reading »